How to Build Solar Panels for Power - Reducing Living Expenses

Published: 29th September 2009
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Turning solar energy into electrical power is easily achieved with solar panels. Start saving money and reducing living expenses. Learn how to build solar panels for power.

Reducing your living expenses is not the easiest thing to do. There are specific needs that must be met each and every day. In order to reduce these expenses, you must change either the need or the supply. Since the basic needs in your life cannot be changed, the option left to you is to change the supply for these needs.

One sure way to reduce your basic expenses for the rest of your life is to generate your own electricity and free yourself from the power company. The real bonus is that any power that you generate in addition to what you require for your own use, you can sell "back" to the electric company, putting money into your pocket!

It sounds a little hard to believe, so check it out. Call your power company and talk to them about selling them the excess power from your solar panels. They are each a little different and they may make you feel like it's a big deal for them to do it, but they won't turn down the offer. An honest, easy way to make an additional income.

Once you decide that you are going to change the supply, you need to look at the options that are available to you. For the do-it-yourselfer, the biggest markets are solar power or wind power. Wind power requires a large footprint in the yard to install. While solar power can be successfully mounted on the roof of your home, this option depends on the exposure to the sun throughout the year.

If both options are going to require giving up space in your yard, the next thing to look at is maintenance. Windmills have moving parts while solar panels do not. Moving parts always require more maintenance than stationary parts.

The battery bank is the same for either, as is the need for an electrician to connect the system for you. These are expenses that should be considered part of the job which means that you cannot get away without them.

Still thinking that you should Build Solar Panels for Power? There's a very good diy manual that includes videos for the difficult steps and, they even have support available in case the manual and videos aren't enough. Check it out at There is also a DIY manual included to make a wind turbine. The right choice for either option.

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